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Blue Tang

Blue Tang

Paracanthurus Hepatus


Other names: Palette Surgeonfish, Blue Surgeonfish, Dory, Flagtail Surgeonfish, Hepatus Tang, Indo-Pacific Bluetang, Regal Blue Surgeonfish, Wedge-tailed Tang, Wedgetail Blue Tang

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To facilitate introduction, each order is sent with the food used in our acclimatization center and adapted to your animals.

Our acclimatization center's advise :

Magnificent surgeon fish with a deep-blue body and a sparkling yellow tail. Small, it appreciates living and finding refuge in branch corals like acroporas. Its calm and slow swimming as well as its relatively unaggressive attitude for a surgeon fish, make it a fish that will settle for a more reduced space compared to other Acantharus. Nevertheless, it may reach up to 20cm in an aquarium. It appreciates clear and well-oxygenated water. An algae-nibbler in nature and a big-eater, it will adapt to all types of food as long as they are not too voluminous (pellets and flakes included). We also recommend an additional vegetal food intake (salad, algae, spinach).

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ColorsBlack, Yellow, Blue
Water typeSaltwater
Aquarium typeReef algae eater
NameParacanthurus Hepatus
Social behaviourLoner

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