Best dealClown Anemonefish (Clownfish) - bred
Clown Anemonefish (Clownfish) - bred

Clown Anemonefish (Clownfish) - bred

Amphiprion Ocellaris


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Nice and small, this culture-bred clownfish is one of the most appreciated by aquarists and will generally bring a sparkle to kids’ eyes. Clown fish are always born male and grow-up to change gender and become female. The young ones will group together in a bank and from it will emerge a female that will compel the rest to remain male. We advise you introduce them young by pair or group of 3 to 5, in order to make a couple come up after a few weeks. Clownfish naturally inhabits an anemone with which it will maintain a symbiotic relationship. Immune to the anemone’s poisson, it is protected from its predators. In counterpart it feeds, cleanses and protects the anemone from its own predators. In a reef aquarium without anemone it may reproduce this relationship with certain corals like Euphyllia, Catalaphyllia, Goniopora. Slightly territorial but peaceful, a clownfish will live in peace with the other inhabitants of the aquarium.

Data sheet

Water typeSaltwater
Aquarium typeReef
Light intensityStrong
NameAmphiprion Ocellaris
Social behaviourCouple
Breeding formBred/tank raised/cultured

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