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Are you unsure about the water quality of your aquarium ? Do you want to know if your water is compatible with new species you want to acquire ? For the respect and well-being of the animals and to keep up with our standard of excellence, the acclimatisation centre places its state-of-the-art tools and skills at your disposal free of charge. In their laboratory, our experts accurately analyse the parameters of your water and give you the right aquarium advice.

pH, kH carbonate hardness, gH hardness, nitrite No2, nitrate No3, phosphate Po4, ammonium Nh4, calcium CA, magnesium Mg,...

These free services are in line with the MasterFisch philosophy: to share our passion and to care above all for the health and well-being of the animals.

How to proceed:

If you already know most of the values of your water and just want some advice, fill in the form and send it via e-mail to

Step 1

Log in to your customer area or create an account.

Step 2

Download and fill in the "diagnosis" form available in your customer area by completing the information you already know.


Step 3

Send a sample bottle of your water (about 25ml) to the acclimatisation centre by post, together with the form. The experts will test your water in their laboratory using professional tools.

Aquarium - Centre d’acclimatation
9 rue du Hagelbach
68260 Kingersheim, France

Step 4

The results will be available in a few days on your customer account and our advisors will be available to give you the advice you need and answer any questions.

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