Bring your aquarium to life


Masterfisch is a major player for online sale of aquarium animals and has built a solid reputation in Germany for several years. Present in most European countries, our online shop addresses passionate aquarists as well as beginners who are in search for quality animals at the best price. Thanks to an ultra-performing packaging together with express delivery, our animals travel in optimal conditions all the way to you.

Acclimatization center


Masterfisch works together with an internationally-renowned acclimatization center which benefits from extensive know-how in importation, acclimatization and distribution of exotic fish for over 50 years. The acclimatization center holds one of the biggest marine facilities in Europe and has over 1500 aquariums, including a 25000 liter tank. A team of 20 passionate experts acclimatize, feed and take care of animals on a daily basis.

Over 2000 species


With a permanent stock of rare and common species, Masterfisch offers you one of the largest selections of aquarium animals. Marine and freshwater fishes, invertebrates, tridacna clams, seahorses, corals and live rock; over 2000 species can be ordered and delivered in most European countries within 24/48 hours.