Corals culture fusion (WYSIWYG)

Corals culture fusion (WYSIWYG)

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Corals Culture Fusion

Our Corals Culture Fusion are produced and developed in the acclimatization centre. Our specialists select and graft several frags of corals from different mother corals in premium grade. Each piece is placed in one of the specific compartments of a natural bioceramic support. It is specially designed for the development of corals in the aquarium.
With our Corals Culture Fusion, you will quickly obtain very colourful coral beds, bred from aquarium culture.


  •  Cultured animals
  •  An immediate and very aesthetic solution for populating reef aquariums
  •  No more problems with gluing the frags
  •  Sea urchins or snails will not be able to make the frags drop in the weeks following their introduction.
  •  Fast acclimatization, these animals are already cultivated in artificial seawater and with LED lights.

Corals Culture Fusion Corals Culture Fusion Corals Culture Fusion Corals Culture Fusion