Dragonet mandarin
Dragonet mandarin

Dragonet mandarin

Synchiropus splendidus


Pairs only available if listed in the sizes dropdown list.
Other names: Mandarin Dragonet, Mandarin Goby, Green Mandarinfish, Striped Mandarinfish, Psychedelic Fish, Psychedelic Mandarin Fish, Blue Dragonet

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  • 1,5-2,5 cm
  • pair
  • Male / 4-5 cm
  • Male / 3-3,5 cm
  • Female / 3-3,5 cm
  • Female / 3,6-5 cm
  • Male / 5,5-7 cm
  • Female / 5,5-7 cm
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To facilitate introduction, each order is sent with the food used in our acclimatization center and adapted to your animals.

Our acclimatization center's advise :

This strange scale-less fish is as fascinating as it is eye-catching. Its shapes and multicolored-hues make it a remarkable individual in an aquarium. Slightly territorial, yet peaceful and calm, the mandarin will behave peacefully with the other fish in the aquarium. It generally lives in couple or alone. An omnivorous fish with a carnivorous tendency which does not necessarily appreciate lyophilized food. It would rather peck zooplankton and phytoplankton on live rock and sand, while assimilating several small meals instead of a single big-one; this makes manual feeding delicate. We advise it is introduced in a mature aquarium with active and rich live rock so it can find several small prey as it suits it. It is fascinating to observe its regular reproduction parades when in couple, which will always take place in the evening under a blue light.

Data sheet

UtilityPlanarian eater
Water typeSaltwater
Aquarium typeReef
Light intensityStrong
NameSynchiropus splendidus
Social behaviourCouple

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