Preparing animals for travelling


When shipping live animals some rules must be respected such as, making fish fast at least 24 hours prior to shipping. Orders are dispatched as early as the day after reception of payment. However, should animals need an additional stabilization period, shipping can be delayed. That is the reason why a 2-7 business days delay might be necessary between the date the order was placed and the date it is delivered.

24-48 Hours


Shipments from the acclimatization center are made from Monday to Thursday for delivery to you the day after during the day. In other words, animals do not travel more than 24-48hr, even though they are packed to stand a 72hr transport period. On top of that, we will systematically contact you prior to shipping in order to inform you about the planned delivery date. Once you have received animals, follow the acclimatization protocol in order to acclimatize them with the kit provided.

Authorized courier


For livestock shipping, we exclusively work with authorized transport companies, who are certified for live animals transport and ensures their journey in accordance to legislation and animals’ well-being. Their employees are trained to follow health and security rules, and pay particular attention to the label ‘live animals’ signaled in our parcels.

Shipping and packing fees


A thermal and shock-resistant packaging together with reliable express transport, allow our animals to travel in optimal conditions, all the while maintaining low shipping and packing costs. To know more..