Packaging is extremely important for the healthy delivery of living beings. The temperature inside the package should remain as stable as possible. We use a special heat-insulating "Airliner" packaging that is not only well protected from bumps, but the opposite common Styrofoam boxes also offers a significantly better temperature stability and is also environmentally friendly.

In colder temperatures, additional heat packs are placed accordingly in the package for free. So that we can send temperatures even in wintry minus.


  1. Your order is checked for availability and healthy condition
  2. With successful check the living beings are taken from our aquariums to the packaging. (Nevertheless, if exceptionally one or several species are no longer in stock we will of course immediately contact you).
  3. The living beings are put in plastic bags with water and oxygen.
  4. The bags are sealed and placed in our special thermally isolating packaging for the dispatch.

When you get your package, refer to the acclimatization protocol.