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Yellowtail tang

Yellowtail tang

Zebrasoma xanthurum


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Our acclimatization center's advise :

This deep blue surgeonfish with bright-yellow tail is an excellent swimmer. It will have a tendency to move from one cover to another, by the bias of a lively and precise swimming. It is of the utmost importance to grant it a large space. Its coloring will reflect the quality and conditions of its environment. It is preferable to keep it alone or in uneven number if the aquarium volume is sufficient (800 liters). Slow grower despite its huge appetite. Big algae eater and litter grazer, it also appreciates meaty food (mussels, nereis, artemia, mysis). We also recommend an additional vegetal food intake (salad, algae, spinach).

Data sheet

ColorsBlue, Orange, Yellow
Water typeSaltwater
Aquarium typeReef algae eater
OriginRed sea
NameZebrasoma xanthurum
Social behaviourLoner

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