Skunk cleaner shrimp
Skunk cleaner shrimp

Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp

Lysmata amboinensis


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Our acclimatization center's advise :

This magnificent little shrimp, to be kept preferably as a couple, is an essential asset for proper maintenance of fish, as it rids them off their parasites. It is the perfect host for a reef aquarium. Its life expectancy can reach up to 5-7 years and it will basically depend on the number of maximum moults it will reach. Under good conditions, it is capable of renewing its shell every 3 weeks. Be careful not to overdose iodine which would reduce moulting frequency. Detritivore and carnivore at the same time, it is necessary to complete its nourishment as food left-overs will certainly not be enough.

Data sheet

UtilityFish deparasitation
Water typeSaltwater
Aquarium typeReef
OriginIndian ocean
NameLysmata amboinensis
Social behaviourGroup

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