The acclimatization of new fishes or invertebrates represents no special challenge and is simple to manage. Certain rules must nonetheless be considered and the steps specified below should be executed in the given order. Please, do not forget that animals are living beings and, therefore, they should be treated with the biggest caution.

Acclimatization protocol: (Time: 45 to 60 minutes)


Step 1: Open the box and place the fish next to your aquarium. Steam, if possible, the lights or use only the blue light to illuminate the aquarium.


Step 2: Measure the temperature of the water, after opening the bag.


Step 3: Begin the acclimatization using a small air pipe connecting the bag to the aquarium. Regulate the flow with a tap to drop. It should be set about 2-3 drops per second.


Step 4: The acclimatization is complete as soon as the volume of water has tripled in the bags and the same water temperature has been reached, which prevails in the aquarium.


Step 5: Give the existing fish enough food before you put the new fish in the aquarium.


Step 6: Delete the light, or use only the blue light to illuminate the aquarium to reduce potential aggression between old and new residents to a minimum.

 Important notes:

- Caution: sponges, Gorgonian, sea stars, sea urchins and Pufferfishes/Globefishes may be never taken from the water. Pour these species along with the acclimatization water in the aquarium.

- It is furthermore really important to observe the animals after putting them in the aquarium during 3 days. This period is critical for the animals, because they can face difficulty to find their place among the others species.

- It is recommended to integrate new fish as a pair or in groups into the aquarium, because the aggressiveness of the already existing inhabitants is not directed upon a separate fish. The new inhabitants of the aquarium feel in this way less stress.

- Caution: the acclimatization may not continue any longer as 60 minutes. During the acclimatization a diffuser may be never used, because this one strong increase of the ammonia budget would be harmful for the fishes.

The optimal acclimatization time is 45 to 55 minutes.