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Copperband Butterflyfish

Copperband Butterflyfish

Chelmon Rostratus


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Our acclimatization center's advise :

This butterfly fish is generally introduced into reef aquariums to control the spread of cumbersome small anemones like Aiptasia. With the help of its long beak, it furrows rocks and decor in search of small prey (worms, small crustaceans and anemones) that it will gladly eat. Very gourmand, it will not hesitate to tickle feather and sand worms but also, zoanthus colonies; even certain long-polyp hard corals. It is preferable to choose soft corals, gorgonians or short-polyp hard coral species in its presence. Its big appetite must be satisfied by small-size, meaty foods like artemia, mysis, chopped krill, fish eggs, mussels, shells). Sensitive to stress, its introduction must be made into a stable and mature aquarium of at least 300 liters. Peaceful, once it is settled in, it does not really appreciate the presence of aggressive and vivid fish. It is important to respect its need to swim quietly around the decor without feeling threatened.

Data sheet

ColorsBlack, White, Orange
UtilityAiptasia Eater
Water typeSaltwater
Aquarium typeReef
Light intensityStrong
NameChelmon Rostratus
Social behaviourGroup

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